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A great gift for a very dear person

Do you have to give a gift to a very dear person, without paying too much money? Would you like to leave an open mouth giving you a unique product that contains the best of the gastronomic tradition of Tuscany?

The Gomitelli Gourmet Gourmet Salumificio proposes its extra-large gift baskets to satisfy even the most demanding palates. This is a very welcome gift that contains long-lasting products, food excellence in the Versilian and Lucchese gastronomic traditions. The queen of gift baskets is definitely the pork, with the addition of a nice piece of PDO Tuscan Aged Pecorino!

Gift Basket Extra Large: the top of the artisanal cured meat enclosed in a single package

With 144,85 € you will take home a slice of Sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 2 kg, a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 0,5 kg, a Tuscan Salami by 0,5 kg, a slice of The Bow of Shoulder by 0,45 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 0,5 kg, half form of PDO Tuscan Aged Pecorino by 0,6 kg, a pack of Handmade Würstel by 0,5 kg and a slice of Smoked Spread Bacon by 0,5 kg.

You must not think about anything, just choose and pay!

The basket is decorated with decorations and if you write it in the order notes with a personalized greeting, and covered with transparent paper, to get ready and glittering to your destination by courier.

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single size

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