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The Roasted Porchetta is a cooked salami that is rooted in the Tuscan and Italian traditions, and probably, it’s one of the oldest product made from the pork. It looks like a large roast, when sliced, you can smell from a distance the aroma of spices and roasted meats.

The Roasted Porchetta is produced from the de-boned pork loin, a belly pork with rind and a small percentage of chopped liver. The pork loin and the liver are put in the middle and the belly pork is wrapped around,  a mix of spices based on garlic, pepper, rosemary and salt are added; once tied all together is ready to be cooked.

Through a correct baking, the Roast Porchetta acquires a fragrance and a unique flavour, crunchiness and an exceptional taste.

The decision to compose the Porchetta with pork loin, liver and belly, instead of using the stub of whole pig is due to the fact that we prefer to obtain a product with medium dimensions, which is easier to use and guarantees to the custumers the uniformity of the product, in this way, the each slice will be well-balanced with the proportional quantities of fat, lean and succulent pieces of liver- what was impossible if we used  the entire stub of the pig.

The Roasted Porchetta is great for starters, finely sliced and served with focaccia bread or hot bruschetta, in alternative served cold with seasoned sausages. It is an excellent main course when served hot with a side of baked potatoes with rosemary. But above all, it is excellent for stuffing sandwiches or focaccia bread, according to the Tuscan tradition of street “porchettari”, porchetta sellers  with vans or truck well-equipped as real restaurants.


Pork with rind, salt, pepper, garlic.

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M. & T. s.n.c. Via dei norcini, 4719/4725 Gombitelli – 55041 Camaiore (LU)

Store in refrigerator from +2/+4°C.


With which wine match it

LambruscoPicture 013

DOC intense ruby red wine from Reggio Emilia; pleasant, persistent, fruity nose; dry but on the same time fruity, round, fresh, vivaciously and pleasantly harmonious taste.


Lombard IGT wine from the province of Pavia has a ruby red colour and violet reflections full valuable when crossed by the light; an appreciable scent is broad and refers to a large floral bouquet; the flavour has a prolonged persistence on the palate, which is very dry and very balanced between sapidity and structure.


IGP intense colour wine with violet highlights from Lazio; nose of fresh fruit and cherry, accompanied by spicy notes that blend with a great balance and elegance with those of vanilla and sweet hints given by the wood; an enchanting and smooth taste, with velvety tannins, rich and persistent finish.

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