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The Spread Bacon or “Rigatino” is one of the great Italian classics. It is a belly pork with the well-balanced relationship between lean and fat , it has a short seasoning period and the part without pork rind is completely covered by pepper. When cut, the Bacon is red and with evident intramuscular white fat.

To produce the Spread Bacon, the higher bacon is chosen, with a well-equilibrated relationship between lean and fat. The bacon is thinly trimmed and the pork rind is left. The belly pork is salted with a mix of spices, among which, garlic, black pepper, and rosemary are sticking out.

The salted belly pork is placed in appropriate salting tanks and is left in walk-in coolers for at least one month during which the meat absorbs the salt and flavour from the mix of spices;  after the salting process the bacon is removed from the brine and its part without the rind is covered with minced black pepper.

The seasoning time of Spread Bacon is rather short at least 2 weeks because this product must be quite moist.

Along with the Coupled Bacon and Skinned Rolled Bacon, Spread Bacon is one of the cured meats produced from the belly pork which is one of the tastier parts formed by the muscle fibres and veins of unsaturated fat; The Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli proposes to its customers.

The Spread Bacon has a sweet taste with a marked hint of spices with which it’s processed.

This bacon can be utilized in various ways. It is perfect to for appetizers and sandwiches, for those who prefer a slightly soft bacon, in comparison with the more seasoned bacon. But it is really good when used in cuisine, in fact, it is recommended for many recipes as the spring-like “ peas with bacon”, bacon and eggs for breakfast, roasted meats wrapped in bacon, “carbonara”, “amatriciana”, etc.


Pork bacon, salt, pepper, garlic and spices, antioxidant: E300, preservatives: E250-E252.

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M. & T. s.n.c. Via dei norcini, 4719/4725 Gombitelli – 55041 Camaiore (LU)

Store in cool place.


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DOCG wine from Castagno Monferrato (Asti) has a ruby red colour with light violet reflexes, sometimes tending to orange. An intense, persistent scent, slightly aromatic, fruity and spicy with suitable ageing; taste dry, round, harmonious, sometimes with a fragrance of the wood.

Rosso Picenorossopiceno

DOC wine from Marche has a ruby red colour with garnet tendencies and good structure; pleasant nose, fruity notes remind small mixed berries, ripe cherry and slightly sensation of violet; punctual in taste and throughout body texture.

Cesanese del PiglioCesanese-del-Piglio

DOC wine from the province of Frosinone, ruby red in colour, tending toward garnet with ageing; intense, ample aroma with floral and fruity notes; dry, harmonic taste, good structure with the slightly bitter pleasant aftertaste.

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