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The goat’s cheese is a fresh cheese, at room temperature it has a thin white crust and an elastic body with small eyelets.

The goat’s cheese is said to be the oldest cheese produced by humans, even before those of cow and sheep; it has been the most important element for man’s nutrition and in the recent years it is regaining its prestige, lost in the last decades. This excellent product has extraordinary digestibility qualities, and often, people intolerant to the cow’s milk proteins, manage to eat it without any problems.

It has the highest percentage of iron and calcium among all dairy products.

The goat’s cheese is delicious when consumed fresh, it’s great anytime of the day, alone on toasted bread, or paired with toasts and vegetables; it matches very well with white wine and cold beer.


MILK Pasteurized goat, salt of Volterra, rennet and ferments.

Surface treated with a preservative E235.

Inedible crust.

Storage conditions from 2 ° to 10 ° C.

Produced and packaged in the establishment IT 09 038 CE.

Refined to Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli of Triglia M&T SNC località Gombitelli 90 d, 55041 Camaiore, Lucca.

With which wine match it

Soave Classicosoave

Venetian DOC intense gaudy yellow wine; nose with a rich aromatic range, the mineral essences emanate the notes of citrus, pink grapefruit, exotic fruit, white peach, elder and linden; dry taste, with an entangling gustatory freshness, fruity and savoury finish, very good sour acceleration which balances a ripe and deep substance.

Sauvignon Alto AdigesauvignonAltoAdige

DOC pale yellow wine with greenish tints from Alto Adige; fruity fragrance, with the hints of ripe gooseberry, apple and peach; juicy and pasty taste, with an elegant mineral notes and a fruity aftertaste.


DOC pale-yellow wine with golden tints from Alto Adige; floral, aromatic nose, with the hints of acacia and honey; pleasantly dry taste, fragrant, full bodied, delicately aromatic, with likeable slightly bitter traces.

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