Christmas Box Special 2019


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The ancient flavors of Tuscany in a box full of delicious cold meats and food goodies

When you think of a gift to be made to a special person, it can only be a great gift. Greatness is not so much, or at least not only, in size, in quantity. Quality is often the factor in the success of a gift. Quality that means refinement, passion, demonstration of knowing how to know the tastes, habits and needs of people dear to us.

An important gift for a special person or for an entire family

Today it is very fashionable to give experiences. No longer just durable objects, material goods to be preserved. The horizon of the gift has also moved to other places: there are those who give a course, who maybe a weekend for two people in a SPA wellness center and those who take a gastronomic journey, which involves the senses, in the delicacies of a territory.

Christmas Box Special 2019

Only 99,90 €   will take home a package of Paccari of the Ancient Tuscan Pasta Factory bronze drawn by 0,5 kg, a package of  Spaghetti of the Ancient Tuscan Pasta Factory bronze drawn by 0,5 kg, a package of Formenton 8 Rows Flour by 1 kg, a package of Capannina Spelt by 1 kg, a slice of Spread Bacon by 0,5 kg, a slice of PDO Tuscan Aged Pecorino by 0,5 kg, a Tuscan Salami by 0,5 kg, a slice of Savoury Boneless Prosciutto by 1 kg, a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 0,5 kg and a slice of Biroldo by 0,5 kg.

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The box will be carefully packaged with Christmas decorations and a ‘Merry Christmas’ card; it will arrive at your home or at the address you indicate to us for shipping by courier.

If you want to put a personalized greeting card in the box, just write the text in the order notes!