Capannina Spelt


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Capanninna spelt is a cereal cultivated in Garfagnana. In 1996 it obtained the recognition of protected geographical indication (PGI). This kind of spelt is grown without any use of chemical fertilizers, in the areas of Garfagnana between 300 and 1000 meter above sea. The company seeds, gathers and elaborates the cereal taking care of the production procedures to obtain a perfect and genuine spelt .

The Garfagnana spelt has been rediscovered in the recent years for its excellent dietetic properties and because the fibers which contain beneficial actions for the digestive system.

Capannina spelt is mainly used in the cuisine as an ingredient for soups, together with beans, vegetables and meats. It looks like a simple dish but has an unique aroma and taste. It’s great for cold salads and Farrottos ( a dish of spelt cooked in stock like risotto) with porcini mushrooms; it admirably matches with the red wine.


Capannina spelt.

It does not require soaking before cooking.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

Produced and packaged by Bravi Andrea and C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.

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