Formenton 8 Rows Flour


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The Formenton 8 rows flour is a flour made with a special local maize varieties of Garfagnana and the Media Valle del Serchio. This kind of corn has a production capacity of about 18 quintals per hectare, which is much lower than yields of corn hybrids (150 quintals per hectare). However, the cultivation of Corn Eight Rows is rustic, that does not require, during the cultivation large quantities of water and fits well to the often cold and stormy weather of Garfagnana.

Corn planting takes place between in the end of April and beginning of May; in natural fertilized soils and without any use of herbicides. The culture cycle is completed in 120 days and the harvest is fully manual, so you can make an accurate choice. Also the dessication of corncob occurs in a natural way and there are absolutely not used the artificial heat sources, that would considerably reduce the organoleptic qualities of the flour.

When the cobs are dried , they are hand shelled and the seeds are left on the sheets to dry. The corns are stone ground by the water mills. This kind of grinding, being very slow, enhances even more the organoleptic qualities of the flour.

The Formenton 8 Rows flour is perfect to make Polenta (cornmeal mush). This dish with the other products made from the chestnut flour, has been a staple food for peasants and workers in our area until the end of the last century. There are endless recipes and traditional ways to accompany the Polenta, including: Polenta with stewed mushrooms , with rabbit chasseur, cod, or ragù (Italian meat sauce) and grated cheese; with a herring, “salacchino” (salted and smoked fish), etc.


Formenton  8 rows flour

Keep in a cold and dry place.

Produced by La Cavatina Farm, Pieve Fosciana, packaged by Bravi Andrea Sillicano Camporgiano (LU).

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