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The Paccari of the Ancient Tuscan Pasta Factory is a bronze wire-drawn durum wheat pasta, produced in the artisan bakery.

The ancient Tuscan pasta factory for this dough uses semolina, 60% of this semolina come from the plantations located between Siene and Arezzo and other 40% from Maremma. This selected durum  wheat is fragrant, has a precious appearance and protein content of 13,5%.

The entire production process is handmade and meticulously detailed. The wheat arrives twice in a week in the bags of 25kg each, used for daily production plan. The dough is made whit the spring water. The wire drawing process entirely in bronze guarantees the temperature’s reduction. Low temperature and long drying period make the product more tasty.


Semolina of Hard GRAIN, water.

Cooking time: 6/8 minutes.

The pasta must be cooked in abundant water, 1 liter for 100 g .; boil the water and add the salt, then put the desired amount of pasta, stir once and check the cooking to get the best result.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Produced and packaged by the pasta factory: Vecchio Pastificio Toscano srl, Street of Marginone 90/a 55012 Santa Margherita (LU) Tuscany, Italy.

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0,5 kg