Spelt Soup


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The Zuppa di Farro of Bravi Andrea has a mixture of legumes and cereals ready to prepare the traditional spelt soup. All legumes used for this soup are grown and dried in Garfagnana and surrounding areas. The spelt grown in Garfagnana in 1996 has obtained the recognition of protected geographical indication (PGI). This cereal is grown between 300 and 1000m above sea level without any use of chemical fertilizers. The company seeds and gathers the spelt and takes care of all procedures to obtain a perfect and genuine spelt.

The Spelt Soup is a genuine and simple dish , which reminds us the “cucina povera” (literally “poor kitchen”, meaning dishes that have rural roots) of our grandparents. You can prepare it in different ways, with or without sautéed vegetables, but because of these exquisite ingredients, you will always obtain an excellent result. We recommend you sautéed celeries, carrot, onions and cubed potatoes.

The Zuppa di Farro is very good when served with a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and accompanied with red wine.


Components in varying proportions: borlotto bean, cannellino bean, spelt.

It needs 12-hour soak.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Produced and packaged by Bravi Andrea and C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.

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0,5 kg