Chestnut Honey


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Chestnut honey from the Andreini beekeeping  is produced by bees kept in pristine surroundings in the hills of Lucca.

This honey has the ‘organic certification ‘ by body ICEA Toscana;  According to Regulation EC 834/2007, organic farming does not use synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides in general), neither genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Chestnut honey has an intense amber colour and quite dark; the honey has an acrid and woody smell and the taste is incisive with a bitter aftertaste; This honey crystallizes with difficulty.

Chestnut honey is ideal with meats, game meat and aged cheeses, it matches very well with strong flavors; it is very good combined with lightly smoked dishes; It goes perfectly with black tea, not fruity red wines and beers.

Chestnut Honey has also beneficial properties such as restorative, antiseptic and tonics; in Tuscany, it is used in case of a cough and sore throat warm the milk and dissolve some of this honey at night before going to bed.


Chestnut Honey.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced and packaged by Apicoltura Andreini, via della Chiesa 181/b, Piazzano-Lucca-Italia

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0,5 kg