Game Meat Sauce


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Tuscany is a region that boasts of the strong tradition for the meat game; the passion for meat with the marked charateristics traditionally expresses our love for distinctive tastes, which our cooks enjoy to sweeten with unique combinations.

The Game Meat Sauce is prepared by using four different types of meat: wild boar, hare, venison, and pork; After being cooked with olives, herbs and dark chocolate, is grounded to get a tasty meat sauce.

The Game Meat Sauce is great with Tagliatelle, Pappardelle, Rigatoni and Paccari, always accompanied with a good full-bodied red wine.


Diced tomatoes, boar meat 15%, hare meat 10%, pork meat, onions, deer meat 5%, olive oil, pork heart, pork liver, tomato paste, red wine, salt, dark chocolate (contains LECITHIN SOY), garlic, pepper, rosemary, sage.

Pour the sauce in the pan, sauté 180 grams of cooked pasta.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced by RDA S.r.l. -Via Aldo Moro, 52 Loc.Le Badie 56040 Castellina Marittima (Pi).

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0,180 kg