Christmas gift ideas: online shopping in search of local and artisan product


The proposals of the renovated shop online Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli for the holiday season 2016

The season of Christmas gifts you are going to open and today thanks to the many possibilities offered by electronic commerce are spoiled for choice. Do not think that shopping online is something difficult, risky or complicated. Quite the contrary, in recent times, thanks to the new payment systems offered, the consumer is 100% guaranteed and ease of purchase rhymes with savings.

Buying online does not mean killing the local market

It is often said that those who buy online are decreeing the death of local and handicraft trade. Far from it! Online commerce has the saving capacity of leveling down prices, with the benefit for the consumer. Or because the online purchase fits into the market to more competition, either because they are to thin certain costs related to the Storage Instructions and distribution.

Gifts Original Christmas: food and increasingly popular beverage

With the arrival of November, we approach that time of year when the thought of buying Christmas gifts for friends and family begins to peep. Of course, we must consider that today for many gift-giving has become a luxury, a fortune. First, because you have to have the funds available, then it is necessary to find time, ideas, solutions for not to fall into the usual banal Christmas gifts and unwelcome.

You’re looking for the Christmas gift that makes you look great but do not have ideas?

In recent years they are increasing exponentially the gifts made from food and drink. Often those who return from a trip back brings with it a whole range of edible souvenirs to share in some way part of his itinerary of taste and flavor. The food is indeed the main witness of the territories, only one able to enclose, to summarize a land involving the senses in a comprehensive manner.

Giving handmade gourmet products does not mean to make a gift of quick consumption. Thanks to the aging techniques and natural preservation and possibilities vacuum dall’impacchettamento offers, products such as sausages, salami and cheese can be eaten in the long term while maintaining the organoleptic and nutritional qualities.

An original idea for a gift that makes your mouth water

Who, thinking of what to give for Christmas, reviews the ideas related to food, you figure in the minds glittering Christmas baskets offered in supermarkets. exotic fruits, dried fruits, packaged products that sometimes – despite being long-term, are removed from the refrigerator compartment, but kept at room temperature for long weeks under the Christmas tree.

When it comes to food and gifts, it comes to high quality. fresh ingredients, sourced directly from the manufacturer, preferably craft actually able to express the best of Italian food excellence. So then, as in the case of the products offered by Salumificio craft Triglia Gombitelli, it is not out of place to speak of gourmet gift baskets, because it’s unique food gifts. Baskets packed with care according to the needs of each consumer, colorful and filled to the brim with cold meats, salted meats, fresh cheeses and

The Christmas baskets of Triglia, unique and original gifts for special people

From Triglia’re in the right place. If you look for the perfect gift for a friend who loves good food and conviviality. Whether it be Christmas gifts for him or her – or maybe for a whole family, the craft products of this Tuscan salami are appreciated and sought after

Plus here’s the experience of a service offered by dozens of years. The activities concerning the packaging of original Christmas hampers is well established tradition in these parts. The baskets are filled by Triglia always with their best meats, which are joined in recent years by a selection of local produce from the farms of Garfagnana, Versilia and Lucca, selected within a 60 km radius from Gombitelli, to offer a basket that contains the imprint of taste of a wider territory.

Finally giving baskets of Triglia at Christmas 2016 also will take advantage of the convenience of ordering online and to deliver gifts directly home of your loved ones with the carrier, with only a small additional expense. There are gift baskets offered by the store in several price cuts, and then there is the opportunity to take advantage of a personalized service to order in complete freedom from a wide range of options, including extra virgin olive oil, flour, cereals, jams and many other delicacies that will make you make a great impression with your Christmas gifts in 2016![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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