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Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand


Absolute newness of our online shop, now the Penitent Prosciutto can also buy a leaf, cut by hand from our masters and under vacuum!

To describe the speciality of it, we must specify what are (or rather, were) the metati: they were huts, situated in chestnut wood and used to dry chestnuts, that accumulated over the trellis, were exposed to moderate warmth. When the Prosciutto of the Gombitelli of Camaiore, did not obtain that particular Tuscan taste, that the manufacturer wanted, they used to not sell it and preferred to put it aside in small rooms, called the metati, and as a penance, the workers had to have a snack with it, during the break. Standing for long in this metati, the Prosciutto seasoned and enriched so much with the flavours of the room, that it obtained a particularly good taste.

In this manner was born and has been noticed for its essence and taste the “Penitent”

Today it is proposed again from the family Triglia, which for its production follows the two-hundred-year-old procedures. Seasoned for at least 24 months and being in contact with chestnut flour, it is characterized by its sweet taste and refined with a pleasant aftertaste of chestnut.

The long seasoning times confers to this product a unique taste, with a slight aftertaste of chestnut; it is perfect for the buffet as an appetizer, or simply cut into thin slices and served with bread and a good red wine.

The “Penitent Prosciutto” together with the “Penitent’s Heart” is considered by the many connoisseurs as a “Patanegra of the Versilia”


Pork leg, salt, chestnut flour, natural flavorings and spices, antioxidant: E301, preservatives: E252-E250 preservatives.

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M. & T. s.n.c. Via dei norcini, 4719/4725 Gombitelli – 55041 Camaiore (LU)

Store in cool place.



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Sliced 100 gr., Sliced 250 gr., Sliced 500 gr.

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