How To Cut and Store the Ham


Prosciutto Toscano: cutting and conservation

During the holiday season it happens that we are given away whole sausages or steaks that need to be sliced and stored. Ham for example, that when it is sliced at the time it expresses its maximum flavor and fragrance olfactory level. Buy a whole ham is not to say, therefore, only save on the price, but also point to the maximum of the organoleptic quality level.

How to store the entire Tuscan ham

The whole ham on the bone should not be consumed immediately but it can continue its maturing even inside our homes. It should be kept in the dark, it hung in a cool room and provide fresh air, without any kind of protective film.
When we buy a whole ham, depending on the type of the leg and at the level of the peculiarities of swine nutrition and firmness of the meat, we can opt for two different methods for cutting. Serve a knife-sharpening knife and cutting board of the classic that blocks the bone in the grip, so dear to the Spaniards.

How to cut the ham Tuscan entire knife

It always begins having a large knife and a small one, an appropriate and well-sharpened. It starts by removing the rind, the hardest part outside ham. Then he proceeds by removing the suet and fat, which will be good to set aside to better preserve the ham in the future.
Naturally enough only remove the fat part that obstructs the cutting operation. Every time you want to cut fresh slices it will remove a portion of fat. But you should never exceed with the removal of the fat, leaving the ham uncovered meat I can dry out and the taste to go gradually to fade.
There is the cut Italian, with long slices, and cut to the Spanish, with small Trancetti.
It is always well cut from the inside outward and from the top downwards, so as to try to avoid the risk of accidents in the home. The ideal, to act with maximum safety, would be equipped with special protective gloves made of wire mesh. Approaching the bone, proceeding with the consumption of the ham, it will be more and more frequent the need to use the small knife for stripping.

How to store raw Tuscan ham boned in slices

Convenient and practical, the ham can be packaged in a protective, vacuum atmosphere. Come into our homes must be kept in a cool place, at temperatures between 10 ° C and 18 ° C. Once opened, the ham boned in pieces can be wrapped in a slightly damp cotton cloth and stored in the refrigerator away from the fan – in the lower shelf, in temperatures not too rigid.

As cutting raw Tuscan ham nell’affettatrice

Especially for large Italian hams, such as Parma, San Daniele Prosciutto Crudo Toscano, the choice of the cutting knife can be disastrous for the less experienced.
Use of a slicer, perhaps borrowed from a friend, it may be a strategic choice to enjoy the most of your ham without throwing anything away. Once you have become comfortable we will be able to produce perfect slices, all the same size and the same thickness.
The key thing is to begin to understand how to prepare the ham to be cut. It starts by removing the anchetta thigh and then to gradually remove the rind, moving in a circle. After removing the rind you decide how much fat removed and how much fat to leave. This
choice depends of course on the type of ham, its quality and its grease consistency.[/vc_column_text][vc_custom_heading text=”I Nostri Prosciutti” use_theme_fonts=”yes”]


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