Baskets and Gift Boxes for Easter 2017


The Easter Baskets of Triglia, unique and original gifts for special people

From Triglia’re in the right place. If you look for the perfect gift for a friend who loves good food and conviviality. Whether it’s Easter gifts for him or her – or maybe for a whole family, the craft products of this Tuscan salami are appreciated and sought after

Plus here’s the experience of a service offered by dozens of years. The activities concerning the packaging of the original Easter baskets is well established tradition in these parts. The baskets are filled by Triglia always with their best meats, which are joined in recent years by a selection of local produce from the farms of Garfagnana, Versilia and Lucca, selected within a 60 km radius from Gombitelli, to offer a basket that contains the imprint of taste of a wider territory.

Finally giving baskets of Triglia at Easter 2017 also will take advantage of the convenience of ordering online and to deliver gifts directly home of your loved ones with the carrier, with only a small additional expense. There are Easter baskets offered by the store in several price cuts, and then there is the opportunity to take advantage of a personalized service to order in complete freedom from a wide range of options, including extra virgin olive oil, flour, cereals, jams and many other delicacies that will make you make a great impression with your gifts.[/vc_column_text]


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