Easter Box Extra Large


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Easter boxes Triglia: quality and tradition in a tasteful gift

Cheerful and tasty gift idea, a refined and tasty thought to offer as a gift for Easter or any other occasion to celebrate. But also a gift to do and what to do during a special moment to share with family and friends, leaving captivated by the delicious specialties of the Salumificio Triglia Gombitelli.

Here, 500 meters above sea level, set between the Apuan Alps, the hills of Versilia and Lucca, for the past two centuries, the Mullet family proudly carries on the ancient traditions of Tuscan artisan charcuterie. The Easter Box Extra Large, packaged carefully to ensure the perfect preservation of each product, offers the opportunity to know and appreciate a selection of specialties from Tuscany. Tuscany is a region of intense flavors, related to an ancient rural culture of food.

Easter Box Extra Large: a concentration of odors and flavors from the heart of Tuscany

Only 189,90 € will take home a slice of Seasoned Coppa by 0,5 kg, a slice of Spread Bacon by 0,5 kg, a slice of The Bow of Shoulder by 0,45 kg, a Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) by 0,5 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 0,5 kg, a slice of Coupled Bacon by 0,5 kg, a slice of Semi-sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 2 kg, a jar of Cream of Lard with Truffles by 0,2 kg, a form of Pedona’s Scoppolato by 0,9 kg, a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Stefanini by 1 l, a package of Capannina Spelt by 1 Kg, a package of Soft wheat flour type “0” by 1 kg, a package of Formenton 8 Rows Flour by 1 kg, a package of Spaghetti bronze drawn by 0,5 kg, a jar of Mustard by 0,380 kg.

You must not think about anything, just choose and pay!

The basket is decorated with Easter decorations and greeting cards, and covered with transparent paper, to get ready and glittering to your destination by courier.

Weight 12 g
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