Boar Meat Sauce


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Wild boar ragù is a typical condiment of Tuscany. The wild boar is a wild animal that was once present in a few Italian regions and especially in Tuscany. Hence a tradition of consumption that has given life to unique dishes such as dolceforte or salami of superior quality. Wild boar sauce requires careful preparation that requires long cooking times and skill. This is why a good wild boar sauce is not easy to find.

In Tuscany, wild boar ragù was the condiment on Sundays, that of the feast and meeting in front of a plate of pappardelle, the typical pasta that Tuscan women threw on the pastry board. A little larger than the Emilian tagliatelle, the pappardelle are combined with wild boar ragout with a perfect harmony of flavors.

“The pappardelle sul boar” as they say in Tuscany are a typical dish that you can taste with this sauce made with quality ingredients.

The wild boar is cut into small pieces, marinated in red wine with onion, chopped carrots, celery and other herbs. The tomato and wine will then lead to long cooking. This is the only way to obtain a quality ragù.

If you do not have pappardelle, we recommend that you try other types of pasta such as maltagliati, taking care to cook the pasta in plenty of salted water with the addition of a teaspoon of oil and remove it al dente. Heat the wild boar pate and season.



Boar meat 32%, diced tomatoes, onions, pork meat, olive oil, pork heart, pork liver, tomato paste, red wine, salt, dark chocolate (contains LECITHIN SOY), garlic, pepper , rosemary, sage.

Pour the sauce in the pan, sauté 180 grams of cooked pasta.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced by RDA S.r.l. -Via Aldo Moro, 52 Loc.Le Badie 56040 Castellina Marittima (Pi).


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