Thousand Flower Honey


The Thousand Flowers Honey is born inside the hives for a natural mixing. It does not come from a single type of flowers but from many varieties. A honey from the plains, hills or mountains which, according to the production area, takes on different characteristics, properties and colors. Production also follows the season: the lighter colored millefiori is produced in spring and in the part of summer, the darker one only in late summer.

Millefiori honey is fragrant, sweet and has a delicate flavor that Italians really like. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, it brings significant benefits to the whole body. Useful for those who practice sports, for the elderly, for those who study and play sports but also a cure-all for pain, cough, sore throat. Finally, it is also an excellent ally for skin and hair. Thanks to its antioxidants, it can improve the appearance and tone of the skin, reduce inflammation and promote the healing process.

Mille Fiori Honey is ideal for breakfast both as a sweetener and used on bread and rusks, perfect in the kitchen to be used on fruit salads or in combination with cheeses for a tasty aperitif. On hot bread it releases all its flavor notes.



Thousand Flower Honey.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced and packaged by Apicoltura Andreini, via della Chiesa 181/b, Piazzano-Lucca-Italia.


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