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Bravi Andrea’s Plum Extra Jam is produced with plums harvested in orchards of Garfagnana. The climate and the soil of this area of ​​Tuscany allow an optimal ripening of the fruits that are used in the production of jams.

Prunus domestica is the European plum that has generally oval, yellow or purple fruits, with the pulp that detaches well from the stone and are suitable for both fresh consumption and storage and drying.

Plums provide a good supply of fiber, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K and mineral salts including potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc and also have a purifying effect.

Plum jam lends itself to many uses in the kitchen. Excellent for breakfasts, it is perfect for creating pies but also as a sweet note to accompany cheeses but also grilled meats and vegetables.

Bravi Andrea’s plum jam is made only with fresh fruit to which no preserves or pectin are added. The flavor is therefore reminiscent of the fresh fruit with its slight acidity that goes well with the sweetness of the sugar added for conservation. The product is steamed, then sterilized in a water bath.

Excellent as a classic snack with butter and jam, we recommend trying it on light buckwheat or Garfagnana spelled crackers.



Fresh fruit, brown sugar, no added pectin.

Steaming and sterilized in a water bath.

Total sugars for 100 gr.     51 gr.

Fruit used for 100 gr.     120 gr.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced by Garfagnana COOP, San Romano, Garfagnana, Lucca; packaged by Bravi Andrea e C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.

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