Spicy Bruschetta


Bruschetta is a snack that is difficult to give up. Its value lies in the simplicity of its preparation, which sees its success in the most typical products of Italy.

Slices of toasted bread with the addition of tomato, salt and oil are called bruschetta in Tuscany and can be prepared with either fresh tomato or a thick sauce.

Onion, celery, carrots, aromatic herbs such as basil and parsley combined with olive oil. Simple ingredients that combine with tomatoes to create a rich flavor sauce made even more intriguing by the addition of chilli. A spiciness that enhances the taste of the tomato and makes the bite on bread, toasted and garlicky, lively.

A simple recipe that today we find in the buffets and in the proposals for the aperitif, in small tasty bites but which was once served on a large slice of bread, embellished with garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

Serve it on lightly toasted bread or offer it instead of jams with cheeses or serve it in small bowls dipping carrot sticks, celery and other vegetables for a different pinzimonio.



Diced tomatoes, onions, extra virgin olive oil, celery, tomato paste, salt, parsley, basil, sugar, garlic,chilli 0.2%, pepper.

Keep in a cool place.

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