Ancient Tuscan Crouton


The liver crostino in Tuscany is a typical preparation present, with some variations, throughout the region. We find it in the classic “Tuscan Antipasto”, paired with cured meats and cheeses, olives but also served alone spread on bread.

Every country and family has its own recipe and there are also different forms of presentation. The Tuscan crostino based on chicken livers can be spread both on toasted bread, on plain bread, on bread slightly soaked in broth, on “croutons” bread with the typical whip shape, in some cases the bread can also be fried.

The inevitable ingredients in every recipe are chicken livers, capers to remove the sweetness of the liver, vin santo, onions and various smells. The etymology of crostino derives from the Latin crustum or from crustulum, crust.

The recipe for the Antico Crostino Toscano is one of the most delicate and is based on the Arezzo tradition which sees the addition of cucumbers. It goes well with medium-bodied red wine.



Chicken livers 38%, chicken meet 25% , onions, extra virgin olive oil, capers in vinegar, pickled cucumbers, sweet wine, white wine, salt, garlic, pepper, marjoram, sage.

Keep in a cool place.

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