Soft wheat flour type “0”


Type (0) Wheat Flour is an “intermediate” flour, not too refined and not too whole. The soft wheat from which this flour is obtained comes from organic cultivation of the Garfagnana by small farmers who belong to the Garfagnana Consortium. A medium refined stone ground flour where bran and wheat germ are present. Wheat germ is the fatty part of the seed which, like all fats, oxidizes upon exposure to air. For this reason, quality flours have a closer expiry date.

Soft wheat flour is a flour less rich in protein and absorbs less water than durum wheat flour from which semolina is produced, and type 0 flour is suitable for the preparation of high quality bread and focaccia, farinata and for insertions in croquettes or meatballs pizzas, biscuits and cakes.

The nutritional value per 100 grams is 340 Kcal with about 75% carbohydrates, 11% protein, 12% fiber. Soft wheat grows well in less sunny areas than durum wheat which grows well on arid soils in the south. The Garfagnana therefore offers a land suitable for the cultivation of this type of wheat.


Wheat Flour Type (0).

Keep in a cold and dry place.

Produced and packaged by Bravi Andrea e C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.

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