Peppers in Oil


Peppers in oil are a joy for the palate and a joy for the eyes. A ray of summer that illuminates the table even in winter and that accompanies aperitifs, cold cuts and cheeses in every season, making each proposal rich and colorful.

Peppers are a good source of beta-carotene, contain potassium and fiber useful for the body. They have a sweetish taste and the color ranging from yellow to green to red stimulates the appetite.

Peppers belong to the Solanaceae family and arrived in Europe after the discovery of America. They were considered a “rustic and vulgar food” but, after an initial distrust, they were widely used especially in Neapolitan cuisine until they were supplanted by the tomato.

Pepper is one of the vegetables that is best preserved in oil and vinegar and for this reason it is still one of the most popular products today.

After washing Bravi Andrea peppers in oil are blanched in water, vinegar and salt; then put in olive oil with the addition of a pinch of chilli.



Peppers, olive oil, salt, chili vinegar, contains sulfites.

Keep in a cold and dry place.

Produced and put into jars by Garfagnana COOP S. Romano in Garfagnana (LU) for Bravi Andrea & C. S.a.s.

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