Tuscan Red Bean


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The Cannellino Bean is one of the best known and used beans in Tuscany. It is a thin bean with an elongated shape of a light color and a delicate taste. The skin is thin and goes well with tasty Tuscan dishes. Beans are an important food in the human diet. There are many varieties already present in Europe before those that arrived with the discovery of America and Tuscany has always carried out the cultivation of many varieties. Familiarity with this fruit of the earth can also be found in the language and in the many regional idioms, demonstrating the popular diffusion of these legumes.

Cannellini beans are legumes particularly rich in glucodrines, substances capable of reducing blood sugar and therefore are particularly suitable for people suffering from diabetes. Lecithin is also present and therefore they are a suitable food for those who have to keep “bad” cholesterol under control. Like other legumes, they are rich in B vitamins and mineral salts such as iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus.

White beans are also free of gluten, lactose and histamine, although their proteins can be responsible for specific allergy.

Dried beans during soaking lose most of the phytates and oxalates that are involved in the chelation of some minerals and the absorption of proteins and can also compromise digestion. For this reason, a long soaking and water change during this period are as important as for many legumes.

The local cannellino grown in the Lucca area lends itself well to traditional recipes. Perfect on their own to accompany shellfish and fish dishes, they are useful for giving protein value to salads.

The Cannellino Nostrale Bean by Bravi Andrea is a legume grown and dried in Garfagnana and surrounding areas.


Keep in a cool and dry place.

Processed and packaged by Bravi Andrea e C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.

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