“Rich Tuscan Appetizer” Tasting Box


Are you ready for an elitist journey? Yup? So make yourself comfortable because this taste box is the best a taste lover could wish for. ten delicious products, an invitation to taste and enjoy. Those who love great quality, the intertwining of tradition, genuineness and craftsmanship will appreciate these preparations which, like the 10 little Indians “will disappear one by one! And the culprit will be you or anyone lucky enough to open this box of wonders. Penitent Prosciutto, then his “heart”, will lead you to the purest art of the processing of ham. This ham is considered the “Pata Negra” of Versilia for its sweetness and softness given by centuries of the art of butchery. For those who are demanding, the bresaolato or smoked fillet will open an intimate dialogue with your palate for an original salting and natural smoking that is difficult to practice in other areas. to supply and conservation difficulties. If the pig lent itself well to breeding in mountainous areas such as those of Gombitelli, grazing animals would it burned and every piece of meat had to be preserved at its best. The brine of today is that of the past and so the Beef in Stone Vat remains a cut of carpaccio meat for those who know how to appreciate the ancient processes and originality. The next victim is irresistible: truffle salami spreads its aroma among well-processed meats that embellishes them, makes them rich, not in simple essences as happens in many cured meats of this kind, but in the most sought-after hypogeal mushroom. Mushroom salami, a unique specialty, where the not excessive spiciness leaves room for a unique olfactory delicacy. “Aristos” that is the best said the Greek prelates during the ecumenical council of the Roman and Greek Church wanted in 1439 by Cosimo the Elder in Florence. Thus was born the arista, a piece of pork cooked in the oven typical of Tuscany. And the best is also the seasoned pork loin, a lean and sweet salami produced by Gombitelli with the same boneless pork loin. The spices and Marsala used for salting and aging will surprise you in the mouth for their taste and delicacy. The Scoppolato of Pedona left last will start the palate to resolve the case. With its tasty flakes, with its taste of fresh milk despite the aging it can also confuse your ideas. There remains the soft cream of lard that will flatter you spread on a slice of toasted bread and a thin slice of lemon. You will not be able to resist and you would be ruthless.


“Rich Tuscan Appetizer” Tasting Box for six people:

  1. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand 0,1 kg
  2. Cuore di Peniente (Penitent’s Heart) Sliced 0,1 kg
  3. Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet) 0,2 kg
  4. Smoked Fillet 0,2 kg
  5. Beef in Stone Vat 0,25 kg
  6. Salami With the Truffle 0,25 kg
  7. Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista 0,25 kg
  8. Mushroom Flavoured Salami 0,25 kg
  9. Pedona’s Scoppolato 0,25 kg
  10. Cream of Lard with Truffles 0,2 kg

“Rich Tuscan Appetizer” Tasting Box for twelve people:

  1. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand  0,1 kg
  2. Cuore di Peniente (Penitent’s Heart) 0,1 kg
  3. Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet)  0,4 kg
  4. Smoked Fillet 0,35 kg
  5. Beef in Stone Vat 0,5 kg
  6. Salami With the Truffle 0,5 kg
  7. Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista 0,5 kg
  8. Mushroom Flavoured Salami  0,5 kg
  9. Pedona’s Scoppolato 0,5 kg
  10. Cream of Lard with Truffles 0,2 kg
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for six people, for twelve people

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