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Welcome to Gombitelli!


We are a small Tuscan pork-butcher company, firm and appreciated in our territory and beyond.


The cured meat factory was born from the centenary tradition of our family, devoted to the production of meat, in the pig food-processing.

During the years we have always been faithful to the old pig food-processing that is still totally handcrafted, and we still use methods for salting and seasoning of the cured pork meats as they were made by our grandparents.

Gombitelli Artisan cured meat factory was born with an inseparable tie with the small suburb of Gombitelli, and it is really thanks to the microclimate of this small town on the hills of Camaiore that the magic turning our meats into true delights happens; for microclimate we mean the right altitude, the distance from the sea and ventilation that allow a perfect seasoning of the cured pork meats.


Gombitelli is situated on the west side of Mount Prana, at an altitude that goes from 450 to 492 meters over the level of the sea, from which is 12 Km as the crow flies, it is a very small town of about one hundred people with a past rich in history and ancient traditions; the name seems to derive from the vulgar evolution of the Latin ‘Cumitello’ as it results in the Episcopalian archive in Lucca. Particularly important it is what happened around 1500  when a group of German blacksmiths, following the army of Charles V, decided to remain in that suburb starting several activities as the nail manufacture and the iron production.

They spoke a particular dialect that contained Gallo-Roman, Lombard, Piedmontese and Emiliane words; in fact Gombitelli has been recognized as a ‘linguistic island’ as it is recalled by a road sign, by now worn away by the time, located in the entry of the town.

Triglia’s family had probably its origin preceding to the date engraved in the crest with three stars and a bandanna that overhangs the entry arc of a town house bringing the date of 1797; as far we Can remember our family has always been devoted to the production of cured meats and to the trade.

Our generation of pork-butchers follows this old tradition, handed down from father to child, from grandfather to nephew, to be able to give an artisanal, high quality products and selected commodities.


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