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Bravi Andrea’s Extra Fruits of the Forest Jam is a journey into the undergrowth. Blackberries, raspberries, wild strawberries and blueberries are fruits that grow naturally in our latitudes. Rich in vitamins, in particular A, B1 and B2 and C and then they contain mineral salts, including potassium, which is important for everyone and especially for athletes.

The berries are the fruit of the summer, they are enriched with precious substances that we find both in the fruits and in the preparations in which they are used. Bravi Andrea’s Extra Frutti di Bosco Jam is produced with fruits harvested in the Garfagnana woods, in variable percentages.

All the jams produced by Bravi Andrea are rigorously made as they used to be in the past. Fresh fruit is processed as per ancient tradition without adding preservatives and pectin to guarantee the flavor of nature. The sugar used is cane sugar and cooking is done with steam while sterilization is steamed.

A jam that is suitable both for consumption on fresh or grilled bread as in pastry preparations or in yogurt. Even with cheeses of various maturations this jam can give unexpected pleasures as with game.



Fresh fruit, brown sugar, no added pectin.

Steaming and sterilized in a water bath.

Total sugars for 100 gr.     55 gr.

Fruit used for 100 gr.     118 gr.

Keep in a cool place.

Produced by Garfagnana COOP, San Romano, Garfagnana, Lucca; packaged by Bravi Andrea e C. s.a.s., Sillicano, Camporgiano, Lucca.


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