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Tuscan handicrafts: a concentrated flavor at your fingertips

A triumph of typical Tuscan flavors, signed by the Salumificio Artigianale Triglia of Gombitelli

Make and make a simple but surprising gift. A Christmas gift box with a selection of ‘De Luxe’ products from the Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli. The gift box contains a selection of fine artisanal salami that respect the nutrition profile of many consumers on a nutritional level. These are gluten-free, lactose-free and glutamate-free.

The Ham Heart one can consider a variant of ham; However, compared to raw ham it is more valuable because it is produced with the most tasty and succulent part of the pig’s thigh. It is therefore necessary to consider that, in order to do so, it is necessary to “dismount” a thigh, thus renouncing it to a very valuable product, such as ham; Ham Heart has a sweet and delicious taste, although the salami remembers the taste of Sweet Ham, Ham Heart has its own tasting stamp that deserves to be known.

The Truffle Flavoured Salami, sweet and pungent, penetrating and fragrant. You either love it or hate it, or warn you or keep you away. The truffle is so, it does not admit half-measures. That’s why even the starting credentials of this Truffle Salami are those of a ‘booing’, of an ‘out-of-quota’. Sweet and tasty, perfect in distribution of fat and eager to be blessed, to be sliced to express even more the scent of black truffles.

The Pork Loin Carpaccio in “Bigongia” (Wooden Tub), very thin, sweet tasty salami, bearing the name of the ancient preparation recipe, bigongia (or biconcia) is in fact a jar, an open and ventilated wooden container where the meat, previously salted and tanned with spices, was repaired to season and rest and obtain the characteristic scent; it has a color between rose and red, a delicate and spicy scent, the taste is sweet and the spices with which it is worked are felt; It is great as an appetizer and as a second dish; it is advisable to cut the slice slightly thicker by hand; it is ideal for seasoning with extra virgin olive oil, served with tender salad and seasoned sweet pecorino flakes.

Continue with the Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard), sweet and delicate, it has its softness and its unmistakable flavor to the careful salting process, carried out with a mix of spices cleverly centellinate. Garlic, rosemary, pepper, nutmeg and cloves in over ten months of brine ripening make this product unique. Soft to the nose, the pink lard will easily capture the palate of every lover of pork.

To finish this excellent package ‘De Luxe’ could not miss a pecorino of excellence in Tuscany

The Pedona’s Scoppolato, pecorino produced with sheep’s pasteurized milk, the ancient procedure involves a double curd and is seasoned for six months in areas similar to the Tristano caves; the flavor of the Sconce of Pedona is something unique, tasty and despite seasoning, it still feels the flavor of fresh milk, very rare in seasoned sheep cheese; you can no doubt say that it is the best cheese produced in Versilia; Scoppolato is good on its own, with honey and jam and grated on pasta or fillings of crepes and cannelloni; she marries well with red wines.


Christmas Box Luxury, to let even the best gourmets open!

The Christmas Box Luxury, with small pieces

With 129 € will take home half Ham Heart by1,6 kg, a Truffle Flavoured Salami by 0,5 kg, a slice of Pork Loin Carpaccio in “Bigongia” (Wooden Tub) by 0,7 kg, a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 0,5 kg and half form of Pedona’s Scoppolato by 0,65 kg.

The Christmas Box Luxury, with large pieces

With 258,65 € will take home a Ham Heart by 3,2 kg, a Truffle Flavoured Salami by 1 kg, a slice of Pork Loin Carpaccio in “Bigongia” (Wooden Tub) by 1,7 kg, a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) by 1 kg and a form of Pedona’s Scoppolato by 1,3 kg.

You do not have to think about anything, just choose and pay!

The box will be packaged with Christmas decorations, our “Merry Christmas” card, and if you have it in the order notes we can put a personalized greeting card; will arrive at your home or at the address you will give us for shipping by courier.

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Box with large pieces, Box with small pieces

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