Economic Christmas Box


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Gifts, time of sweetness and delicacies for the throat …

A gift box based on Tuscan food excellence

Give and give gifts to Tuscan crafts!

Italian ham is a guarantee of quality and tastefulness on our tables. The Tuscan, then, for those who love the brightest flavors, has at least two peculiarities. It is not excessively fat and contains particular aromas, due to the soft and scented spices that are used in the maturing process.

The Little Gift Box of the Gourmet Gourmet Salumificio Gourmet on your table – or on that of your loved ones, a slice of Sweet Boneless Prosciutto, a concentrate of scents and flavors.

Gluten free, lactose and glutamate, prepared only with natural methods, Sweet Ham is obtained by working the back legs of the largest pieces of pigs. Meats, specially massaged during the salty and seasoning process, absorb the scents and smells of the spices and mature gently. After the salting period begins a 12 to 18 month rest period in which the hams are covered with sugna, keeping the moisture and the fragrance of the meat intact.

The box also contains a slice of The Bow of Shoulder. A salami that is relative to ham, but perhaps more delicate and lean. Prepared with the rosette, the heart of the shoulder of the pig, the leanest and tasty side of the shoulder. Spiced with a mixture of aromas including garlic and black pepper, the Shoulder Flake then rests in the salting tanks, maturing for a month. After this phase, the cut is placed in the net and bound. Then, Triglia’s flake finishes for a period of between six and eight weeks with the winds and mists going through the valley of Gombitelli, a small hamlet in Camaiore municipality, embedded in the feet

Finally, they complete the basket of Tuscan craftsmanships of a box of Zucchini Preserved in Oil, a slice of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts, produced for Triglia from the cheese factory of San Lorenzo in Pagnatico (PI). To accompany at the end of the meal with the soft jam in the jar of Berry Extra Jam.

The Economic Christmas Box, with small pieces

Only 57,56 € will take home a slice of Sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 1 kg, a slice of The Bow of Shoulder bi 0,35 kg, a jar of Zucchini Preserved in Oil by 0,29 kg, a slice of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 0,3 kg and a jar of Berry Extra Jam by 0,34 kg.

The Economic Christmas Box, with large pieces:

Only 89,85 € will take home a slice of Sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 2 kg, a slice of The Bow of Shoulder by 0,45 kg, a jar of Zucchini Preserved in Oil by 0,29 kg, half form of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 0,6 kg and a jar of Berry Extra Jam by 0,34 kg.


What’s your point, browse the special people you want to give a gift … and order it!

The box will be packaged with Christmas decorations, our “Merry Christmas” card, and if you have it in the order notes we can put a personalized greeting card; will arrive at your home or at the address you will give us for shipping by courier.


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Box with large pieces, Box with small pieces

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