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Christmas, buys your gifts online by pointing to originality

This year, take it easy! Choose your Christmas gifts within the wide selection of Christmas baskets offered by the Salumificio Artigianale Triglia di Gombitelli! Different cuts are available to meet your spending needs, with the utmost care in detail, to make your gift even more appealing.

The baskets are packed at the time of shipment with fresh produce, traditionally prepared in our artisan workshop located at an altitude of 500 meters, at the edge of the ancient hamlet of Gombitelli, nestled between the hills of Versilia and Lucchesia, at the foot of the Apuane Alps. Here nursing is an ancient tradition, which is handed down from father to son. By exploiting the particular weather conditions of these valleys, the cold cuts are seasoned in a natural way, respecting the times and maturing processes, to bring a unique, guaranteed and genuine product on your plates.

A great gift for a very dear person

Do you have to give a gift to a very dear person, without paying too much on spending? Would you like to leave all open mouths by not offering the usual basket with panettone and dried fruit, but a unique product that encapsulates the best of Tuscan gastronomic tradition?

The Gomitelli Gourmet Salumificio’s  proposes its extra-large Christmas baskets to satisfy even the most demanding palates. This is a very brave gift that contains long-lasting products, food excellence in the Versilian and Lucchese gastronomic traditions. The queen of gift baskets is definitely pork, but within the pack you will find almost a full basket.



Christmas Gift Basket for a tasty gift, containing Tuscan Handmade Products, the basket contains a slice of Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) from 0,5 Kg, a slice of Spread Bacon from 0,5 Kg, a slice of  The Bow of Shoulder from 0,45 Kg, a slice of Semi-sweet Boneless Prosciutto from 1 Kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami from 0,5 Kg, a Salami with Pine Nuts from 0,5 Kg, a Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) from 0,5 Kg, a jar of Cream of Lard from 0,2 Kg, a package of Formenton 8 Rows Flour from 1 Kg, a package of Spaghetti Trafilati al Bronzo da 0,5 Kg, a jar of Berry Extra Jam from 0,34 Kg, a jar of Boar Meat Sauce from 0,18 Kg and a bottle of ExtraVirgin Olive Oil of Ceragioli Farm from 0,5 Litri.


The Basket will be carefully packed with Christmas ornaments, our note of ‘Merry Christmas’ and closed with transparent paper; will come to your home or to the address you booking for shipping inside a sturdy cardboard box by Courier.

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