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The fusillones produced by the ancient Tuscan pasta factory are a quality paste produced entirely in Tuscany. The term fusillo vine from “molten” the square iron that the blacksmiths used and from here to the spindle of wool. To make fusilli, once, they used these irons and to make them they were experts pastaie that in Campania prepared this type of pasta for the families of the gentlemen. However, they were fusilli different from those who make with the car, the fmaiosa “fusilla” invented by Guido and Aurelio Tanzi in New York in 1924.

The Fusilli of the ancient Tuscan pasta factory are large and bronze drawn, collect the condiment optimally. For the production of this pasta, semolina is used for 60% from crops located between Siena and Arezzo and the remaining 40% from crops of the Maremma.

A good paste, fragrant with a high protein content suitable for traditional condiments but also in simplicity with butter or even fragrant oil with herbs of the Mediterranean area.

The entire production process with which the fusylons are produced is artisanal and taken care of in every detail. The semolina arrives twice a week in 25 kg bags each used for programmed daily productions; The mixture is carried out using water from hilly passage sources; The entirely bronze drawing guarantees cooling from processing temperatures and finally the low temperatures and long periods of drying guarantee a product with a taste of the past.



Semolina of Hard GRAIN, water.

Cooking time: 6/8 minutes.

The pasta must be cooked in abundant water, 1 liter for 100 g .; boil the water and add the salt, then put the desired amount of pasta, stir once and check the cooking to get the best result.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Produced and packaged by the pasta factory: Vecchio Pastificio Toscano srl, Street of Marginone 90/a 55012 Santa Margherita (LU) Tuscany, Italy.

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