The maltagliati are a typical pasta of Emilia Romagna that the ancient Tuscan pasta factory produces starting from semolina of durum wheat cultivated in Tuscany. In reality all the regions have their “maltagliati” being a pasta format that derives from what remains after the production of tagliatelle or Tuscan pappardelle.

The maltagliati, as the name remembers, have no shape and welcome the sauce well. Products from the ancient pasta factory with high quality raw materials are ideal for dry or baked pastries.
The processing takes place with semolina from durum wheat flour. In the southernmost areas of Tuscany between Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto is cultivated all the grain intended for this quality production. The product is conferred to the pasta factory twice a week for production. Quality semolina, source water, bronze drawing to give the roughness needed to hold back the seasoning, slow drying at a controlled temperature allow you to have a higher product.



Semolina of Hard GRAIN, water.

Cooking time: 6/8 minutes.

The pasta must be cooked in abundant water, 1 liter for 100 g .; boil the water and add the salt, then put the desired amount of pasta, stir once and check the cooking to get the best result.

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Produced and packaged by the pasta factory: Vecchio Pastificio Toscano srl, Street of Marginone 90/a 55012 Santa Margherita (LU) Tuscany, Italy.

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