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Here is a real “box of Italian wonders”. The art of butchery is an integral part of the culinary tradition of Italy. Some areas over the centuries have become famous for this. One of these is the Gombitelli area in Tuscany. The high hills rich in woods around the small town have allowed for centuries the breeding of pigs with rich and substantial meat. In Gombitelli the salami factory has been producing the quality cured meats that you will find in this box for generations. A taste of the many specialties produced by the salami factory. Savor every single bite, you are taking a “journey” through history! What will you find? the unique sweetness of Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand, a “meditation” ham to be served with a good glass of red wine from Tuscany. The Penitente ham matures in contact with the chestnut flour produced in these mountains; this makes it sweet with a unique and unforgettable flavor. In the box it is proposed already cut into slices and ready to use. We have added our typical sausages known all over the world, filetto bresaolato, pink lard, Mortadella Nostrale, Crema di Lardo, Sbriciolona, ​​Scoppolato di Pedona that is a cheese with an engaging flavor. The Filetto Bresaolato is an ancient and unique preparation of its kind. Tender fillets that are spiced with oregano, juniper, bay leaf, rosemary and coriander and then salted and seasoned. Lardo Rosa of Gombitelli is sweet and is a close relative of the famous and nearby Lardo di Colonnata. The difference lies in the pink color that comes from the particular maturation, the spices used and the presence of the lean meat vein. A very soft product that lends itself to many recipes and that should never be missing in the pantry! The same thing for our Cream of Lard, soft and spreadable, suitable for croutons or to flavor any dish. We added a touch of Florence with the famous “sbriciolona”, the medieval salami typical of Tuscany made with lean and first choice meats minced in coarse grain. Scented with fennel seeds, the “sbriciolona” goes well with a nice glass of Chianti and Tuscan bread. An experience that will “transport you” to the hills of Florence among vines and olive trees. The Scoppolato di Pedona cheese cannot be missing from our suggestion for a virtual trip to Tuscany. An ancient recipe, a cave-aged sheep’s milk cheese with the fresh taste of milk. To be used in a thousand recipes or eaten in flakes while sipping a good white wine from Montecarlo di Lucca or Colli di Luni, also in new and excellent sparkling versions.

WonderFood Box of Goodness with small pieces:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,25 kg
  2. Sausage 0,4 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,25 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,2 kg
  5. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand 0,1 kg
  6. Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet) 0,2 kg
  7. Pedona’s Scoppolato 0,25 kg
  8. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg

WonderFood Box of Goodness with large pieces:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,5 kg
  2. Sausage 1 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,5 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,4 kg
  5. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand 0,1 kg
  6. Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet) 0,4 kg
  7. Pedona’s Scoppolato 0,5 kg
  8. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg



wonderfood box with large pieces, wonderfood box with small pieces

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli

Il processo della produzione di salumi viene tramandato da padre a figlio, da nonno a nipote, da oltre un secolo, in modo da conferire al prodotto qualità eccezionale e ingredienti selezionati di prima scelta


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