Pecorino Maremma


Made with only fresh, pasteurized sheep’s milk and with the exclusive addition of rennet, lactic ferments and Volterra salt, Pecorino Maremma is produced for us by the Maremma Dairy in Follonica, a historic company in the area that has been producing , under the careful and attentive guidance of Fortunato and his sons, typical cheeses of the Tuscan dairy tradition.
This pecorino, which takes its name from the dairy that produces it but also, and above all from that oasis of flavors and aromas that is the Maremma area of ​​the coast, is characterized by a crumbly paste, but soft and compact at the same time, and for a delicious delicate aroma of milk that gives the palate a sweet and pleasant taste.
This particular and distinctive tass of the Spadi company, and by a short maturing period that does not exceed the month of maturation.
Inside its delicate and thin crust, there is a white, compact and velvety paste: a balanced and perfectly structured universe of flavors that makes this pecorino an ideal food to be consumed at any time of the day.
Try it at snack time as a tasty and light snack, or in summer, cut into flakes in crunchy vegetable salads. Unmissable then in the cheese platter at the end of the meal, or in the buffet of aperitifs sliced ​​into a “stick” and accompanied by crunchy bread and a glass of white wine and a young red that enhance its freshness.

La Maremma toscana: un patrimonio naturale senza eguali

The green Maremma! A desert of beauty filled with sun ”. With these words, the British poet Felicia Hemans described the Tuscan territory of the coast south of Livorno in the early nineteenth century.
Even today, despite more than two centuries have passed, these verses are true and current: the Tuscan Maremma is in fact a land where nature – often wild and uncontaminated – is predominant and shows itself with all its strength and influence.
A geographical area whose flora and fauna surprise the traveler at every corner for their variety. A kaleidoscope of wild species such as fallow deer, foxes, wild boars but also flamingos and migratory birds that roam the paths that lead to the beaches and pass through a Mediterranean scrub made of myrtle, strawberry tree, holm oaks, heather, mastic bushes, but also daffodils, orchids, oaks and silver firs.
At one time the whole territory along the coast was dotted with ponds and marshes that were reclaimed during the first years of the nineteenth century and which freed an immense expanse of extremely fertile arable fields where agriculture but also the breeding of livestock and activities related to the transformation of farm products – such as dairy production – were able to flourish and prosper. And it is precisely in this context of particular scents and climatic conditions – the Maremma benefits from the undisputed sea breeze that manages to travel it inland thanks to its flat conformation – that the dairy that takes its name from this territory was able to find the ideal habitat in which to produce and mature one’s own cheeses, until within a few decades, becoming an ambassador in the world of the unique flavors of the Tuscan dairy tradition.




Pasteurized sheep’s MILK, Volterra salt, rennet, enzymes, preservative E235, coloring E160b and E172 treated on the surface.

Inedible rind.

Store from + 2 ° to + 10 ° C.

Produced and packaged in the IT 09 038 CE factory.


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