Pecorino with Black Pepper


Pecorino with Black Pepper is a classic among flavored cheeses, it is produced with pasteurized sheep’s milk with the addition of black pepper.

Pecorino with Black Pepper is aged for thirty days, the white crust studded with pepper contains a well-balanced structure with an elegant and tasty aroma.

Pecorino with Black Pepper has an excellent balance that invites you to consume it at the table at any time, alone but also accompanied; it has an intense but gentle and elegant flavor on the palate.

Pecorino with Black Pepper is used in the preparation of the famous ‘cacio e pepe’ pasta, a typical Roman dish; this cheese goes well with red wines.




Pasteurized sheep’s MILK, Volterra salt, 0.25% organic pepper, rennet, ferments.

Inedible rind.

Store from + 2 ° to + 10 ° C.

Produced and packaged in the IT 09 038 CE factory.


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