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Smoked Fillet


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The fillet, which in English is also called Pork Tenderloin, is one of the leanest and softest parts of the pig.
The Smoked Fillet of Salumificio Artigianale di Gombitelli is a genuine product, with a fresh and delicate flavor, which is best appreciated when accompanied by a drizzle of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

A smoked, light and appetizing fillet

There are those who, thinking of smoked products, immediately twist their mouths. “The flavor is too strong”, “it leaves a heavy aftertaste in my mouth”, “it makes me thirsty”. This is because, in most cases, it is easy to find products that, for convenience, are artificially smoked by adding additives such as so-called liquid smoke. In this way the smoking process is speeded up and costs in the industrial sector are reduced.
The question we ask ourselves is: to what purpose? Given that in Italy the habit of consuming smoked meat is not so rooted and the demand for products of this kind is relatively limited, why not think of making small artisanal productions?

The Smoked Fillet of the Salumificio di Gombitelli

The fillet of the mullet takes the particular name of Filetto Bresaolato. This is because the fillets that come from the lumbar area are salted and massaged with the special spice tanning typical of bresaola. The meat, already very soft and lean, becomes tender and delicious once it enters the salting vats, where it rests for about fifteen days.

The Smoked Fillet has the same fragrance, the same softness of the slice, increased precisely by the meeting of lean meat with wood essences. An aroma at times pungent, at times delicate, which, slice by slice, invites you to be discovered.
The scrupulous cold smoking in fact never cooks the meat, but subjects it to a slow process of seasoning raw.
The wood used comes from the woods surrounding the village of Gombitelli, where the Triglia family’s factory is located. But there is more: the shavings reduced to wood chips for better combustion are taken directly from the processing waste of woodcutters in the woods.
The meats to be smoked are subjected to long sessions – up to 24 hours in a row, exposed to the fumes at a temperature that averages around 24-25 ° C.

Preserve and enhance the taste of the Smoked Fillet

Lonzino, loin, fillet, these cuts of pork have in common the place of origin, the area of the pork loin. The fillet, also called loin or loin, is to be considered more than any other the tender heart of the pig. Try cooking it in the oven with potatoes, to understand what we are talking about. Or, do not miss our smoked fillet in any way, a product capable of surprising even the most demanding palates.
The fillet is a very soft cut, which is prepared with the help of a long smooth-bladed knife. After allowing it to acclimate to room temperature for a few minutes, the slices are cut, which can be fine or medium. The best way to enjoy the smoked fillet is to spread it on a tray, covered with a drizzle of round and slightly fruity extra virgin olive oil. As a garnish, a few leaves of rocket and flakes of aged Parmesan are good.




Pork loin fillet, salt, pepper, garlic, natural flavors (aromatic preparation) and spices, sugar: dextrose, antioxidant: E301, preservatives: E250-E252.

Produced in a factory where dairy products and gluten-containing ingredients are not used.

It may contain traces of walnuts and pistachios.

Produced and packaged by Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M&T SNC località Gombitelli, Camaiore, Lucca.

Store in cool place.

Smoked natural in a smoker, using beech wood, bay leaves and juniper berries.







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