“Tuscan Aperitif” Tasting Box


A small treasure chest of taste. The content designed for this taste box is the start of a knowledge of the special products of Tuscany. A land where the art of butchery has been carried on like everything else in this land that has naturally given birth to many artists. Art is harmony and this is also found in the flavors. In Tuscany the bread is “silly” that is without salt because it does not have to prevail over the tasty cured meats, the wine is enveloping and slightly tannic to prepare and clean up, bite after bite, the palate. The game of knowledge and flavors intertwines here and every taste is accompanied by a journey back in time. On the hills of Gombitelli, squeezed between the Apuan Alps and the Versilia sea for centuries, pork has been the only or almost the only source of protein. Suitable for regaining strength in the harsh winters and supporting the fatigue of a harsh peasant world. The Gombitelli cured meat factory has handed down the family tradition of pork processing. over time, real specialties were born. Here then is that in the small treasure chest of taste, waiting to open a larger one, Mortadella of Gombitelli could not be missing, a typical salami of the area, called mortadella but far from the large and rosy Emilian mortadella. Fragrant and soft adaptable to many recipes as to be enjoyed alone, here is the sausage, a delicious bite. The fennel of the classic “sbriciolona” of Medicea Florence here acquires aromas and flavors that tell a whole story. The delicate pink lard, with its characteristic lean meat vein, competes with the more famous “Colonnata lard” and the cream of lard, makes a fine show of itself on croutons and condiments. A casket of taste could not close without a king of taste: penitent hprosciutto sliced ​​by hand. Soft, sweet and with a lot of story to tell, to listen to while talking with a wine from the Lucchesia.


“Tuscan Aperitif” Tasting Box for four people:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,25 kg
  2. Sausage 0,5 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,25 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,25 kg
  5. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand 0,1 kg 
  6. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg

“Tuscan Aperitif” Tasting Box for eight people:

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,5 kg
  2. Sausage 1 kg
  3. Sbriciolona (Crumbling cured meat) 0,5 kg
  4. Pink Lard of Gombitelli (outstretched lard) 0,5 kg
  5. Penitent Prosciutto Sliced to Hand 0,1 kg 
  6. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg
Weight N/A

for eight people, for four people

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