The invention of the Heart of Lard


It was a cold morning in February of 1985 and I, Emilio Triglia I was with my young wife Cinzia Rossi and my father in law Alfonso Rossi intent in preparing the lard Rolled.
Lardo Rolled if a meat that we produce always.
And ‘formed by two small size lard spotted coupled and tied together, the advantages compared to common spread lard are the ones to be able to mature more making it more tasty and the shape facilitates the slicer cutting.
img241About ten o’clock, right after drinking a mocha coffee that my mother, Liliana Titta had brought us nice warm home, I saw my father in law cut spotted that he should roll up; It was an unusual thing but I said nothing and watched.
img235Alfonso after he chopped 4/5 spotted slightly above the center began to observe them, just as I was doing with him; then I saw a light enlighten your face and began to roll vigorously two lard spotted, after being foreshortened on one side of about ten centimeters, and mated, but in a different way than usual.
At that time both were binding lard that bacon by hand and was a very tiring job and that required great physical strength. With difficulty he tried to give the lard a round shape, unusual for our habits; after a few minutes the bacon was ready and would have to go to mature but Alfonso looked at me with a mischievous smile and cut it in half as you do with the product already matured to sell it.
img236Lard cut in half as well as having a perfect round shape had a beautiful heart in the center formed by the lean part of the lard …
So Alfonso Rossi changing the lamination of the classic Lard Rolled technique created the Heart of Lardo di Gombitelli.
Emilio Triglia

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