Black Pepper with Grinder 30g


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Pepper is the fruit of a plant grown in India and in tropical areas. Black pepper is produced from the unripe fruits of the Piper nigrum which are first blanched and then dried in the sun. This is why the peppercorns are wrinkled.

Pepper is the most common spice in European cuisine and was also appreciated in Ancient Egypt.

Pepper has been used for centuries in Ayuvedic medicine to aid digestion. Instead, it is not recommended for those suffering from gastritis or ulcers. Piperine is the substance that gives pepper the spicy flavor that is also used in slimming diets because it stimulates thermogenesis. It also promotes the absorption of selenium-based supplements and increases the bioavailability of curcumin and turmeric.

Black pepper is suitable for use on meats and like any type of pepper it is sensitive to light and should be stored in the dark. Furthermore, ground pepper immediately loses its aroma and therefore we recommend that you grind the pepper on the spot.



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