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Stefanini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a quality oil suitable both for cooking but, above all, for dressing. An oil obtained with mechanical procedures to control the temperature with olives grown in Italy.

The pressing is an important moment to obtain a quality oil. The harvested olives are quickly brought to the mill in a continuous cycle where contact with the air and therefore with oxygen is practically zero. The temperature is kept below 27 ° C during the kneading process. This ensures that the physical, nutritional and beneficial characteristics of extra virgin olive oil remain unaltered.

An oil that is then filtered by natural decantation and then with a soft, which also retains the residual particles of water and allows a greater shelf life of the product.

Filtration is important because the filtration process removes both solids and excess water from the extra virgin olive oil.

The oil, being a fat, can be altered by light, heat and oxygen and for this reason it is always advisable to keep the bottles in the dark and close them well after use.

Stefanini Extra Virgin Olive Oil has hints of grass and artichoke that goes well with traditional Tuscan dishes. Perfect in soups but also on grilled meat. In the condiments it gives the slightly bitter note that enhances the vegetables to the pinzimoni preparations.


Produced and Packaged by Stefanini in Lucca S.r.l. Via Francesca Romea, 15 Altopascio-Lucca.

Keep the product in a cool place in the dark and in closed containers.



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