Pink Pepper with Grinder 20g


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Pink pepper is also called false pepper because it is not the fruit of the Piper nigrum plant grown mainly in India but of the Schinus molle is a tree that was born in Peru, Chile, Bolivia. It is a less intense spice than pepper, it has a delicate flavor with notes of lemon and strawberry. Very suitable on fish or for delicate cooking such as fillet with pink pepper, excellent for creating fragrant sauces and on carpaccio.

Pink pepper is, together with black, white and green pepper, one of the spices that make up the famous Creole blend and in Chile it is used to perfume wine, while in Mexico it is the basis of pulque, a very ancient alcoholic drink considered sacred.

Pink pepper with diuretic and stomachic action, is useful against toothache and menstrual pain as well as having an antiseptic power.


Processed and packaged by Drogheria del Castello s.r.l., via di Villa Cappelli snc – 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (Rm).

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