Sicilian Sea Salt with Grinder 60g


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In the world there are different types of salt that can be used for different culinary combinations. The salt can be marine or rock, that is rock salt. The sea salt comes from sea water, the rock salt is obtained in the salt mines. To reach our tables, sea salt must undergo treatment and be refined while rock salt is sodium chloride in its pure state and does not need to be refined, which is why it is richer in iodine. Italy being surrounded by the sea produces a lot of good salt but also has deposits of important rock salt deposits.

Sicilian sea salt is among the best in the world. A precious and refined salt is obtained from the waters of the Italian island that gives the dishes the right flavor. The coarse ground salt, although apparently less “salty” than the fine salt, has the characteristic of lasting longer as a savory sensation on the palate and therefore the amount of salt used will be less. For this we make it in the practical grinder.



Processed and packaged by Drogheria del Castello s.r.l., via di Villa Cappelli snc – 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (Rm).



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60 gr.

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