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For Christmas buys your gifts online by pointing to originality

This year, take it easy! Choose your Christmas gifts within the wide selection of Christmas baskets offered by the Salumificio Artigianale Triglia di Gombitelli! Different cuts are available to meet your spending needs, with the utmost care in detail, to make your gift even more appealing.

The baskets are packed at the time of shipment with fresh produce, traditionally prepared in our artisan workshop located at an altitude of 500 meters, at the edge of the ancient hamlet of Gombitelli, nestled between the hills of Versilia and Lucchesia, at the foot of the Apuane Alps. Here nursing is an ancient tradition, which is handed down from father to son. By exploiting the particular weather conditions of these valleys, the cold cuts are seasoned in a natural way, respecting the times and maturing processes, to bring a unique, guaranteed and genuine product on your plates.


Christmas basket ideas: let yourself be enchanted by Triglia’s proposals

Are you out of ideas for your Christmas gifts? Would you like to give products of Tuscan food excellence but do not know who to turn to? The Salumificio Artigianale Triglia di Gombitelli (Camaiore – Lucca) meets you with its online shop, which allows you to design your gifts from scratch and make them comfortably reach your loved ones without moving “more” than one finger. The only thing that will be for you will be to make your order. You can start by selecting the capacity of empty Christmas baskets and fill them in do-it-yourself mode. Or you can let yourself be guided, as gift baskets can say we have a decent experience!

Christmas Basket Large Pantry: a concentrate of smells and flavors from the heart of Tuscany

The Christmas Basket Large Pantry, with small pieces:

With 105,40 € will take home a Sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 1 kg, half form of Pedona’s Scoppolato by 0,5 kg, a slice of Smoked Lard by 0,5 kg,  a jar of Cream of Lard with Truffles by 0,2 kg, a jar of Ancient Tuscan Crouton by 0,18 kg, a package of Fusilloni  of the Antico Pastificio Toscano drawn to bronze by 0,5 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 0,5 kg and a Salami with Walnuts by 0,5 kg.

The Christmas Basket Large Pantry, with large pieces:

If you spend 173,49 € will take home a Sweet Boneless Prosciutto by 2 kg, a form of Pedona’s Scoppolato by 0,9 kg, a slice of Smoked Lard by 1 kg,  a jar of Cream of Lard with Truffles by 0,2 kg, a jar of Ancient Tuscan Crouton by 0,18 kg, a package of Fusilloni  of the Antico Pastificio Toscano drawn to bronze by 0,5 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 1,1 kg and a Salami with Walnuts by 0,5 kg.

What’s your point, browse the special people you want to give a gift … and order it!

The Cesta will be carefully packed with Christmas decorations, our “Merry Christmas” card and closed with transparent paper; will arrive at your home or the address you will send us for shipment within a sturdy cardboard box by courier.

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Basket with large pieces, Basket with small pieces

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