Easter Gift Basket Feast on Easter


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Easter tree bakes do you do? It’s not always a good idea

Are you beginning to think about your Easter gifts and have you decided to do it yourself? To date, if you wanted to make a gift, with special baskets, you usually had two streets. The first, the most exhausting of energy, consisted of getting armed with time and patience. Get in a specialized shop and get the braided wood basket, transparent glossy plasticized paper, staple pins, staplers and sequins. Then start scratching from a grocery store, a supermarket, a handicraft shop to have a good product choice without spending an exaggeration. In the end, you would definitely have a hearty gift, but who is it that has all this time to spend on looking for gifts?

The second opportunity is certainly more practical and quick, but definitely more expensive. Go to a well-stocked shop, a high quality gastronomy or a really well-stocked grocery store, to make your  baskets begin from the beginning. Here you will find many of the products you are looking for, from appetizers from dried appetizers to fine-tasting desserts. There is one aspect to consider: the cost. These high end stores are very stocked, but they have little affordable price for common pockets, especially if there are so many gifts to do.

Easter bakes online: saving and quality from manufacturer to consumer

We all want to have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to the gifts without spending too much time. Today is the way to personally think of the baskets to be presented without moving from home or from office. With the wide selection of online stores and their well-stocked product catalogs, to meet the tastes of friends and relatives.

The online shop of the Salumificio Artigianale Triglia di Gombitelli meets you with special baskets of various cuts and prices. There are baskets or colored empty boxes to fill up to make up your own basket of excellence. Otherwise, even if you choose according to your taste and economic availability, you can opt for the convenience of the already prepared baskets.

Choose your Easter ward and make it to the recipient!

Have you prepared the list of people you want to make a Easter gift for 2018? The average baskets made by the Salumificio Artigianale Triglia di Gombitelli (Camaiore – Lucca) are an important and absolutely handy gift for a family member, a friend, a work colleague, a customer or a supplier.


The Easter Gift Basket Feast on Easter , with small pieces

Only 68,10 € will take home a slice of  The Bow of Shoulder by 0,35 kg, a slice of Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista by 0,35 kg, a slice of Coupled Bacon by 0,35 kg, a package of Capannina Spelt by 0,5 kg, a slice of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 0,3 kg and a Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) by 0,5 kg.

The Easter Gift Basket Feast on Easter, with large pieces

Only 111,70 € will take home a slice of  The Bow of Shoulder by 0,45 kg, a slice of Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista by 0,5 kg, a slice of Coupled Bacon by 0,5 kg, a package of Capannina Spelt by 1 kg, half form of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 0,6 kg and two Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) by 0,5 kg.


You do not have to think about anything, just choose and pay!

The basket is decorated with decorations and if you write it in the order notes with a personalized greeting, and covered with transparent paper, to get ready and glittering to your destination by courier.

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Basket with large pieces, Basket with small pieces

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