Goat’s cheese


According to historians, Goat’s Cheese is the first ever made by man, even prior to that made with cow’s and sheep’s milk. It has always played a fundamental role in the diet of mankind, not only because it contains very high quantities of iron and calcium – the highest ever in the entire dairy production – but also because it is highly digestible and therefore suitable for both to the diet of children and to that of people suffering from intolerances to cow’s milk proteins. It is precisely these characteristics that have brought it back to the fore in recent years, after a long period in which it had lost its prestige.
Ours is made and refined specifically for Salumificio Triglia, by the Maremma Dairy of Follonica, owned by the Spadi family since 1960. Mr. Fortunato and his sons are master cheese makers who have transformed their cheeses into real ambassadors in the world of quality and craftsmanship made in Italy.
The Mullet Goat’s Cheese is produced exclusively with pasteurized goat’s milk, rennet, lactic ferments and Volterra salt. The compact and elastic dough with some small eyelets, has a white or pale straw yellow color. It is velvety on the palate and is characterized by a full and pleasant flavor, with delicate goat notes.
the best way to enjoy it is when it is fresh and at room temperature. It is perfect at any time of the day, as a snack for a snack with toasted croutons or in the aperitif buffet accompanied by vegetable bruschetta. Serve it with white and fruity wines, and with beer.

Goat cheese: all the benefits

There are three main benefits of Goat’s Cheese: leanness, high digestibility and the richness of active ingredients that stimulate the metabolism.
Its history is lost in the dawn of time: it is in fact the first dairy product ever made by man, even before the cow and sheep one. Furthermore, for millennia it has represented the main food in the feeding of newborns and infants: this is because its chemical composition makes it – together with that of donkey – the most similar to mother’s milk.
A healthy cheese that in recent years has returned to triumph on the tables of Italians because it is extremely lean and digestible and therefore also suitable for those on a diet: it is nutritious, it does not inflame, but above all it deflates the abdomen. Furthermore, it can also be eaten by those who have an intolerance to cow’s milk proteins.
But what makes goat’s milk, and consequently the cheese made from it, truly special is its very high concentration of iron (double the percentage of cow’s milk) and calcium, a mineral that helps to reach the sensation earlier. of satiety.
If we add to these benefits that goat cheese contains a much lower percentage of cholesterol than its cow cousins, we understand how it has earned the nickname of “bowel-friendly cheese”.




Pasteurized goat’s MILK, Volterra salt, rennet and enzymes.

Surface treated with E235 preservative.

Inedible rind.

Storage conditions from 2 ° to 10 ° C.

Produced and packaged in the IT 09 038 CE factory.

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