The Brandan


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The Brandan is a cheese made with sheep’s milk, forms after about twenty days of ripening in terracotta bears, coming from Petroio, a small village near Siena, in the heart of Tuscany.

Inside these cheeses the cheese continues to ripen with a mixture of spelled and beer, this ancient process gives Brandan an intense but at the same time particularly elegant flavor with a particular scent.

The Brandan is great for eating alone, perhaps during an aperitif or an appetizer, and goes well with honey and jam; served with a good red wine exalts its countless shades.



Sheep MILK, select lactic ferments, rennet, salt.

Surface treated with SPELLED, BARLEY and BEER.

Inedible crust.

Preserve from +2° to +10° C.

Produced and packaged in the establishment IT 09 391 CE.

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