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The Tuscan salami, as the name says, is the Tuscan cured meat par excellence, where it is often called simply “salami”, purport to make understand that the real salami is this one; it distinguishes for the dark red colour and the presence of the big grains of lard.

The preparation of Tuscan Salami has ancient roots and Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli  continues to produce it by following the old family recipe and the method of preparation that have remained unchanged over the decades.

The preparation of this salami, starts with the selection of lean pork meat. The tradition of “Triglia” prefers a shoulder portion called sorra degreased and deprived of any nerves that may be hard on the palate (“pull the shoulder” in dialect); aside is prepared the lard from ( from the dorsal area) cut into large cubes; the correlation between fat and thin is roughly 5 to 1.

The lean shoulder after a careful selection is finely ground and kneaded together with fat pieces, salt and an elaborate mix of spices, including garlic and peppercorns; the kneading phase of this salami is very long and takes place in two stages, during which the lean shoulder and fat must perfectly bind without air bubbles.

The Salami is stuffed into different calibre natural casings, and after a brief hot drying, it’s placed for ageing in well ventilated rooms, for a period ranging from two to six months, depending on the diameter; this  salami to express the best of itself needs a long maturation.

This traditional Tuscan salami, the emblem of meat curing, is very savoury and aromatic, and despite of the long maturation doesn’t contain acidity.

The Salami is used as a starter, it is one of the most used salamis for stuffing sandwiches and it goes very well with unsalted Tuscan bread, and finds a minute space even in the cuisine. This savoury salami goes well with legumes, and is perfect for the reparation of summer dishes, matched with the fruit, as the summer dish “salami and figs.”




Pork, pork fat, salt, pepper, garlic, spices, flavourings, sugar: dextrose, antioxidant: E301, preservatives: E250-E252.

Produced in a factory where dairy products and gluten-containing ingredients are not used.

It may contain traces of walnuts and pistachios.

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M. & T. s.n.c. Via dei norcini, 4719/4725 Gombitelli – 55041 Camaiore (LU)

Store in cool place.







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