Tuscan Snack Tasting Box

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Three products to start an acquaintance. A mini business card that tells of a great tradition that of the Gombitelli salami factory. A story made of commitment and wisdom in the processing of cured meats, of respect for the customer that hinges on the choice of high quality ingredients and truly artisanal processing. These are family memories, tradition in the processing of pork, typical of the mountainous and wooded hills behind Versilia that can be found in these products. A land once difficult, with few communication routes, which has specialized in the breeding and processing of its tasty meats by adding the typical spices, the scents of the forest such as chestnuts or mushrooms. The preciousness produced by Gombitelli can also be read in the most versatile products such as local mortadella, pancetta spread, cream of lard.
Mortadella of Gombitelli is actually a delicious salami with finely processed grains. Today it is soft, once it was preferred aged but the “secret” blend used by the Gombitelli salami factory is the same. The name may derive from ‘mortella’,  a plant that was burned to flavor and dry the salami first. All this demonstrates that Gombitelli production has its roots in history and each product has its own to tell.
Another example is spread bacon, an excellent product, perfect to eat softly or to make it crunchy. Close this presentation of a historical company of the art of Italian butchery the Cream of Lard, a modern and versatile product in the kitchen and in aperitifs because the tradition of yesterday is the fashion of today.

Tuscan Snack Tasting Box

  1. Mortadella of Gombitelli (Salame Nostrale) 0,5 kg
  2. Cream of Lard 0,2 kg
  3. Spread Bacon 0,5 kg
Weight N/A

for four people

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