Fillet with Pepper


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The Fillet with Pepper is a salami from the inventory of Triglia Family. It is made from boned pork loin, the very lean part, which is usually used to make steaks and roast.

To make the Fillet with Pepper we accurately select and boned pork loin, then it is salted with a mix of salt, pepper, and crushed garlic and rosemary. The very complex process of salting is done through the vigorous massage of the loin.

Once salted, the Fillet with Pepper is placed in tanks to ageing for about one month; after the first phase of maturation, it is tied with twine to make the meat more compact and give to it a homogeneous form, later the meat is entirely sprinkled with ground black pepper, and hang in ventilated rooms for maturing.

The ageing time can last from four to six weeks, depending on the diameter of the loin, and at the end of this time, the product is ready to be consumed.

Together with the Pork Loin Carpaccio in Wood tub, Aged Pork Loin, and Smoked Lonzino, the Fillet with Pepper is produced from the leanest part of pork, the loin,  which is one of the most tender and flavoured meat, that the Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli proposes to delight the palates of its customers.

The taste of Fillet with Pepper is sweet and pleasant, with a slight spiciness, due to pepper shirt, in comparison with its brethren previously listed,this is the one with the stronger taste.

It is perfect as an appetizer in the buffet,  with the other classic cold cuts.

The Fillet with Pepper is a low-fat product, for this reason, it is recommended for low caloric diets.




Pork loin, salt, pepper, garlic, herbs and spices, sugar: dextrose, antioxidant: E301, preservatives: E250-E252.

Produced in a factory where dairy products and gluten-containing ingredients are not used.

It may contain traces of walnuts and pistachios.

Salumificio Artigianale Gombitelli di Triglia M. & T. s.n.c. Via dei norcini, 4719/4725 Gombitelli – 55041 Camaiore (LU)

Store in cool place.






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