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A box full of delicatessen, a giant gift box to satisfy the needs of a large family.

A special gift made from unique handicraft products, prepared and seasoned salami naturally by the Triglia di Gombitelli company. A small, family-run business that has over a century enjoyed the most demanding palates with its tasty pork products.

An important gift for a special person or for a whole family

Today it is very fashionable to give experiences. No longer just durable objects, material goods to be preserved. The horizon of the gift has also moved to other places: there are those who give a course, who maybe a weekend for two people in a SPA spa and a gourmet journey that involves the senses in the delicacies of a territory.

For a special gift: the Extra Large Gift Box of the Salumificio Triglia

When talking about known and appreciated territories, Tuscany is safe.
Gombitelli’s Salumificio Artigianale puts at your disposal its small large chest containing products of Tuscan food excellence. We are talking about the extra large gift box that fits in our special gift packs. A “mismatch” of delicacies for adults and children, containing salami prepared with traditional recipe, cheese, bronze dough, pasta sauce and croutons!

Colored cardboard boxes are a welcome surprise when delivered by courier directly to your loved ones home. Colored, durable and durable cartons are made when crafted with handmade products in a vacuum pack and embellished with personalized greeting cards!

What are you waiting for?
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The Gift Box Extra Large with small pieces:

With 137,10 € will take home a slice of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 0,6 kg, a slice of Smoked Lard by 0,5 kg, a Truffle Flavoured Salami by 0,5 kg, a Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet) by 0,4 kg, a slice of Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista by 0,5 kg, a jar of Ancient Tuscan Crouton by 0,18 kg, a jar of Game Meat Sauce by 0,18 kg, a pack of Fusilloni of the Antico Pastificio Toscano by 0,5 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 0,5 kg and a slice of Savoury Boneless Prosciutto by 1 kg.

The Gift Box Extra Large with large pieces:

With 232,80 € will take home a casa a form of Pecorino Aged in Walnuts by 1,2 kg, a slice of Smoked Lard by 1 kg, a Truffle Flavoured Salami by 1 kg, a Filetto Bresaolato (air-cured fillet) by 0,4 kg, a slice of Aged Pork Loin – Aged Arista by 1 kg, a jar of Ancient Tuscan Crouton by 0,18 kg, a jar of Game Meat Sauce by 0,18 kg, a pack of Fusilloni of the Antico Pastificio Toscano by 0,5 kg, a Prosciutto Meat Salami by 1 kg and a slice of Savoury Boneless Prosciutto by 2 kg.

You must not think about anything, just choose and pay!

The box is decorated with decorations and if you write it in the order notes with a personalized greeting, to get ready and glittering to your destination by courier.

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Box with large pieces, Box with small pieces

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